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LW- Extraordinary

Before listening to LW‘s album, Extraordinary Revisited, I listened to a track from the album,”Extraordinary“, after it was selected as a The Mellow Mix Pick of the Week.  “Extraordinary” was pretty good; it brought back sounds to my ears that I haven’t heard since my years in high school.  Pop R&B nowadays usually blend the vocal side of an artist with crazy production. There’s a limited number of artists that have a soulful sound, and give you something that would help you wind down, instead of getting you ready for a party all the time.  Extraordinary Revisited brings back that soulful sound, with a vibe that reminds you of throwback 2000’s R&B.  LW’s sound is very cool, and provides an array of smooth tunes for the ladies and the couples.  This sound is a simple addition of instruments and beats, but when it’s all…

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New Music – Extraordinary by LW

Check out Sunshine by LW on https://youtu.be/H1HQbCENZBM.

Music review of the newly released cd Extraordinary Revisited:  http://themellowmix.com/2014/04/10/lw-extraordinary-revisited-lwsongs/

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